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Federico Mahora Anti-Mist Foam 300ml

It cleans thoroughly and leaves an invisible protective layer that prevents moisture.

Federico Mahora Bio Odor Remover Spray

Removes odours instead of just masking them!

Federico Mahora Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner 1000ml

It is suitable for hand washing as it is gentle for skin and eyes.

Federico Mahora Cleaning Sponge

Works without detergents – just moisten the Sponge! 

Federico Mahora CRT & LCD Screen Cleaner 250ml

Carefully removes fingerprints, dust, grease stains and dirt.

Federico Mahora Fireplace Glass & Oven Cleaner 750ml

With ingredients that limit the re-deposition of dirt 

Federico Mahora Glass Cleaner 750ml

A sure way to get gleaming windows in minutes!

Federico Mahora Glass Cleaning Wipes

Effective at home and car.

Federico Mahora Laminate Floor Cleaning Liquid 1000ml

Recommended for: laminated floor panels, wall panels and veneer furniture. 

Federico Mahora Multi Purpose Cleaning Wipes 84 wipes

Indispensable in the care of the whole house.

Federico Mahora Multi-Purpose Cleaner 1000ml

For all types of washable surfaces, including: floors, walls, counter tops, tiles, sanitary fittings. 

Federico Mahora Power Cleaner 1000ml

One Cleaner – various surfaces!

Federico Mahora Vacuum Freshener

Emit a pleasant scent and neutralize the smell of dust in the vacuumed room.