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Aurile Euphoria Green Tea - Gunpowder 75g

Gunpowder loose leaf tea with verbena, lemon grass, sunflower petals, lemon zest and a natural lemon flavour. 

Aurile Happiness Blue Oolong Tea 75g

Oolong loose leaf tea with blackcurrant, natural vanilla and peach flavour.

Aurile Harmony Black Tea - Yunnan 75g

Exquisite black Yunnan tea ennobled with jasmine flowers and other unique additives

Aurile Joy Red Tea Pu-Erh 75g

Pu-erh loose leaf tea with dried cherries, aronia, rose petals and a natural cherry flavour.

Aurile Noble Black Earl Grey Tea 75g

Ceylon loose leaf tea with natural bergamot oil, cornflower petals, orange zest and lemon myrtle. 

Aurile Serenity White Tea Pai Mu Tan 30g

Pai Mu Tan loose leaf tea with rose petals.

Nutricode Beauty Detox Infusion Gift Set

Give your body a treat with this Nutricode Beauty and Detox special gift set.

Nutricode Detox Herbal Infusion

Creates an aromatic infusion that combines delicious taste with beneficial properties

Nutricode Skinny Herbal Infusion Drink

Due to natural ingredients, it positively affects the functioning of the whole body