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Federico Mahora Complete Aloe Vera Facial Cleansing Gift Set

Great Money Saving Complete Gift Set

Federico Mahora Complete Care Cream & Shower Gel Set

Special Set containing Complete Care Cream (30ml) & Complete Care Shower Gel (250ml)

Federico Mahora Eyebrow Set, Contour Kit  & Phenomenal Mascara

Special Set containing Eyebrow Set (5.2g) & Contour Kit (6.6g) & Phenomenal Mascara (10ml)

Federico Mahora Gold Regenesis Complete Facial Set

A great gift set for the complete range, saving money.

Federico Mahora Gold Regenesis Day & Night Cream Set 50ml

Special money saving Dual Set

Federico Mahora Hello Honey Bath Gift Set

Great for your new nourishing bath routine!

Federico Mahora Mix & Match Eye Zone Creator Plus 2 Refills

The Special Set contains: Eye Zone Creator and 2 Eyeshadow Refills of your choice.

Federico Mahora Pure Parfum Gift Set For Her

Pure 33, 81 & 18 packed in elegant box. 

Federico Mahora Utique Ambre Royal Unisex Perfume Duo Set

Utique Ambre Royal is a sophisticated fragrance composition captivating with its richness of perfectly selected ingredients.

Federico Mahora Utique Black Perfume Gift Set 3x15ml

The set contains three 15 ml perfume bottles packed in an elegant box.

Federico Mahora Utique Black Unisex Perfume Duo Set

UTIQUE Black is the epitome of elegance, addictiveness and confidence.

Federico Mahora Utique Gold Unisex Perfume Duo Set

UTIQUE Gold sublimes your value. Majestuous, essential, inspiring.

Federico Mahora Utique Golden Face & Hair Oils Gift Set

Special gift set containing: Utique Luxury Face Oil 30ml and Utique Luxury Hair Repair Oil 50ml.

Federico Mahora Utique Ruby Unisex Perfume Duo Set

UTIQUE Ruby is an escape from everyday life, the mystical journey into the depths of the human soul.

Federico Mahora Utique Voilet Oud Perfum Duo Set For Her

A brand new sophisticated, stunning fragrance.

Federico Mahora Utique White Perfume Gift Set 2x15ml

FLAMINGO and MUFFIN in a 15 ml capacity bottles.

Fontainavie Caviar Revival Facial Cream Set

Recommended for dry, tired, dull skin in need of nutrition.

Fontainavie Golden Bliss Facial Creams Set

Special Set containing Day, Night Creams and Eye Serum from Golden Bliss Series.

Fontainavie Silver Impulse Facial Care Set

Special Set containing Day, Night and Eye Creams from Silver Impulse Series.

Utique Amber Body Care Duo Set 200ml

The sweetness obtained from vanilla, patchouli and cinnamon will take you to a unique land of fragrance.

Utique Grapefruit & Orange Blossom Body Care Duo Set 200ml

The refreshing grapefruit and sensual orange will nourish your skin to make it as seductive and charming.

Utique Oud & Rose Body Care Duo Set 200ml

​​​​​​​Close your eyes and let the magnetic combination of oud and rose notes take you away.