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Male Grooming

Discover Male Grooming here at Optimum Beauty Shop, we cater for all Men's needs to with moisturisers, after shave balms and grooming products. Also check out our Perfumes and Fragrances for a huge selection of Male fragrances.
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Abluo Shaving Oil 50ml- Made with Natural Oils

Moisturises and protects sensitive skin whilst eliminating razor burn.

Avena After Shave Cream For Men & Women

Blended together using pure essential oils reputed to help moisturise and protect sensitive skin.

Avena Beard Oil 50ml - Made With Essential Oils

For daily once a day application.

Elizabeth Ambek Men's Classic Moisturising Shaving Balm

The moisturising formula soothes skin, reduce redness, razor bumps, protects it from irritation.

Elizabeth Ambek Men's Classic Natural Moisturising Shaving Cream

Our Shaving Cream lathers and moisturises your face giving a very good close shave.

Elizabeth Ambek Men's Classic Natural Moisturising Shaving Gel

Naturally active ingredients include self-heal extract to help soothe small nicks and calm razor burn.

Elizabeth Ambek Unique Cedarwood, Bayleaf & Lime Beard Oil

The base ingredients of Cedarwood, Bayleaf and Lime are one of the best natural oils for hair and skin.

Elizabeth Ambek Unique Cedarwood, Bayleaf & Lime Beard Shampoo

Triple -benefit treatment that softens facial hair...from the 1st day.

Federico Mahora After Shave Scented Balm 50ml

Available in 3 FM Fragrance Types.

Federico Mahora Refreshing After Shave 100ml

Available in 3 Different FM Fragrance Types

Federico Mahora Shaving Foam Fragrance FM 52 250ml

Its scent perfectly harmonises with Eau de Parfum FM52.

Shaving Oil Unisex 50ml - Natural Shaving Oil For Gents Or Ladies

Blended with Grape Seed and essential oils reputed to moisturise and protect sensitive skin while eliminating razor burn.