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Home Cleaning

Our range of cleaning products are an amazing alternative to your normal high street products. These products are amazing and highly concentrated so last alot longer and the results speak for themselves.
Due to Royal Mail restrictions with shipping Hazardous or Chemical items some of the cleaning range come with higher shipping costs as they have to be sent via Courier. Buy in bulk and save. We offer free shipping on spends over £50.






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Federico Mahora Anti-Crease Ironing Spray 300ml

A perfumed foam that has a fresh green-flowery aroma with notes of rose and jasmine. 

Federico Mahora Aromatherapy Fabric Softeners 1 Litre

The Softener leaves your clothes enjoyably soft and lastingly fragrant. 

Federico Mahora Atomiser Pump

Fits FM Screen Cleaner and INOX Cleaner

Federico Mahora Bathroom Cleaner 750ml

Actively removes scale and soap.

Federico Mahora Cockpit Matt Care Spray 300ml

It restores elegant matt look and gives a pleasant smell.

Federico Mahora Dispenser Pump

Matches the suitable FM World Cleaning Products. 

Federico Mahora Drain Clear Granules 500g

They dissolve grease, hair and kitchen waste.

Federico Mahora Fragranced Liquid Soaps in 3 Scents

Give your skin perfect purity and hydration!

Federico Mahora Furniture Cleaner Anti-Dust 300ml

It is a convenient spray enriched with wax and anti-electrostatic ingredients.

Federico Mahora Furniture Cleaning Wipes

Recommended for wooden and laminate furniture.

Federico Mahora Grout Cleaner 750ml

Clean grout expert! Actively protects against dirt and moisture.

Federico Mahora Laundry Liquid Black 100ml

Perfectly washes dark clothes and allows you to keep the intensity of black for longer.

Federico Mahora Laundry Liquid Vivid Colours 1000ml

Effectively removes dirt and at the same time protects fabric colours from fading out.

Federico Mahora Laundry Liquid White 1000ml

Revives whites and prevents it from greying.

Federico Mahora Leather Wax Conditioner 300ml

Leather Wax Conditioner protects and nourishes surfaces made of smooth genuine and ecological leather.

Federico Mahora Limescale & Rust Remover Gel 750ml

Easily removes deposits of limescale, rust, soap and other dirt.

Federico Mahora Luxury Fabric Softeners In 3 Scents 1 Litre

Luxury Fabric Softener softens and makes fabrics fluffy, light and fragrant thanks to uniquely selected ingredients.

Federico Mahora Multi Fabric Stain Remover 750ml

Tough on stains, gentle on your clothes.

Federico Mahora Multi-Surface Soft Cleanser 750ml

Removes even the most persistent dirt and grease. 

Federico Mahora Plastic Surface Cleaner 750ml

Removes all impurities: greasy deposits, soot and dust.

Federico Mahora Purfumed Ironing Liquid With Pure 10

Gives the clothes a unique scent of Pure No. 10

Federico Mahora Purfumed Ironing Liquid With Pure 23

Gives the clothes a unique scent of Pure No. 23

Federico Mahora Purfumed Ironing Liquid With Pure 81

Gives the clothes a unique scent of Pure No. 81

Federico Mahora Shower Cleaner 750ml

The cleaner contains nano-particles of silicon which creates a protective film that limits the re-deposition of dirt, sediment and water vapour. 

Federico Mahora Smart & Clean Scented Vacuum Freshener

Emit a pleasant scent and neutralize the smell of dust in the vacuumed room.

Federico Mahora Toilet Bowl Cleaner 750ml

The Cleaner effectively removes all kinds of dirt and limescale.

Federico Mahora Toilet Cleaning Wipes 84 wipes

With antibacterial properties the Wipes provide 100% hygiene.

Federico Mahora Trigger Cap Spray Dispenser

For use with your favourite FM Cleaning products.

Federico Mahora Washing Machine Water Softening Tablets 400g

The Tabs take care of the fabric, rinse out limescale from the washing machine.