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Maciej Maniewski is a man who knows everything about hair! He is well known as a hairdresser to the stars, the head of the judges in a television show "Master Cut", the host of the show "Hairdresser’s affair" and the master of metamorphosis from the TV show “Sablewska way to fashion”. Connected with the fashion industry for many years; a real virtuoso of scissors. Now, he has become the ambassador of the professional hair product line HAIRLAB.





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Federico Mahora Utique Golden Oils Gift Set

Special gift set containing: Utique Luxury Face Oil 30ml and Utique Luxury Hair Repair Oil 50ml.

FM Hairlab Anti Dandruff2 Elixir 150ml

Perfectly handles both dry and oily dandruff

FM Hairlab Aqua² Hair Oil  100ml

Intensively Moisturising Hair Oil

FM Hairlab Intense² Regenerating Mask 250ml

If you have a problem with damaged, very sensitive hair, this mask is perfect for you!

FM Hairlab Ideal² Colour Elixir  75ml

 Colour Treated Hair Elixir 

FM Hairlab Strong² & More Hair Oil  30ml

 Energising Hair Oil against Hair Loss

Avena Hair Oil. Nourishing/Stimulating Aromatherapy Hair Loss Treatment

​​​​​​​This natural treatment is made by blending oils reputed to stimulate hair growth and promote healthy hair.

FM Hairlab Ideal² Colour Mask 250ml

Mask protects dyed hair from fading and at the same time rebuilds and nourishes.

Utique Luxury Hair Repair Oil 50ml

A sophisticated marriage of linseed, jojoba, argan, sweet almonds oil and shea butter oil makes the hair visibly stronger, nourished and moisturised.