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Foot Care

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Avena Active Foot Balm SLS & Paraben Free 60ml

Made from a blend of cosmetic grade sweet almond and sunflower oils with pure essential oils.

Avena Arctic Foot Spa Foot Soak - Combats Foot Odour

For Refreshing Feet & Foot Odour.

Avena Funky Feet Foot Balm- For Tired, Aching or Partied Out Feet

A foot balm made for tired, aching or partied-out feet to help them feel funky again and ready to go!!

Avena Tea Tree Antiseptic Ointment - Natures Own Antiseptic Comes in 3 Sizes

Tea tree essential oil is natures antiseptic, anti-fungal and all round healing oil.

Avena Wintergreen Ointment - For Weathered Hands & Feet

The most renowned health benefit of wintergreen is its pain-relieving effects.

Federico Mahora Antiperspirant Foot Spray 150ml

Contains selected active ingredients for everyday comfort of the feet.

Federico Mahora Deep Moisturising Foot Cream 75ml

Intensely moisturises the tired and coarse skin of the feet.

Federico Mahora Soothing & Refreshing Foot Gel 75ml

It contains arnica extract which strengthens blood vessels and improves blood circulation, reducing swelling and giving a feeling of lightness.