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FIT 6 Programme

FIT6 consists of 6 different consecutive stages, of which the WEIGHT LOSS stage is divided into 4 large phases.

Participants begin with the 1st STAGE, which aims, besides shedding unnecessary pounds, to reduce the body's inflammation, as well as improve well-being and overall health. Then they move to the 2nd STAGE and start the 4-phase weight loss stage. The toning stage (stimulation of muscles to facilitate their growth) is applicable when we have to reduce a lot of pounds or deal with a long-lasting weight loss process. Once the goal has been achieved, we go to MAINTAINING PHASE, or a balanced diet, which will stabilise the weight for a long time, preventing the yo-yo effect.

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FIT 6 Stage 1 - Nutricode Inner Balance

Monthly Day/Night System, 24 hour care to maintain to the acid base balance of your body. Source of crucial microelements.

FIT 6 Stage 2 - Nutricode Slim Extreme

Nutricode Slim Extreme is a composition of ingredients supporting weight loss by reducing appetite.