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Federico Mahora Brilliant Peach CC Primer Colour & Care 15ml

Smooths your skin, nourishes it and simultaneously prepares it for make up.

Federico Mahora Wise Green CC Primer Colour & Care 15ml

Perfectly cares and evens the skin tone, prepares the skin for makeup, as well as extends its life.

Federico Mahora CC Cream Colour & Care Bright Ivory 30ml

It soothes irritations, revitalises the skin and improves its elasticity.

Federico Mahora CC Cream Colour & Care Genius Nude 30ml

Care Cream moisturises, nourishes, conceals imperfections, smooths, does not block pores and lets the skin breathe.

Federico Mahora CC Powder Colour & Care Sensible Biscuit 6.5g

A multifunctional powder which evens the skintone, nourishes and protects the skin, provides excellent coverage and a flawless look.

Federico Mahora Flawless Airbrush Foundation 30g

Perfectly improves the appearance of combination skin with imperfections and pigmentation changes.

Federico Mahora Matte Me Up Foundation 30g

Suitable for combination and oily skin.

Federico Mahora Lumi Lift Liquid Foundation 30ml

A unique rejuvenating formula that helps your skin fight the signs of ageing!

Federico Mahora Bamboo Powder

Bamboo Powder is a transparent powder, perfect to finish your make up or to touch it up during the day.

Federico Mahora Contour Kit 6.6g

Contour Kit is a cosmetic providing a natural 3-D effect to your make-up.

Federico Mahora Fixing Powder 10g

It contains aloe vera juice that moisturises and soothes irritations, and kaolin that perfectly absorbs sebum.

Federico Mahora Glow Powder Pearls 20g

Gives the skin an effect of subtle illumination and are a perfect makeup finish.

Federico Mahora Loose Powder Perfect Beige 10g

Loose Powder is perfect for making foundation stay on the skin longer and for great finishing touches.

Federico Mahora Light Concealer In 2 Shades Of Beige 2.2g

Perfectly covers dark circles under eyes and minor discolourations, and additionally it makes wrinkles less visible.

Federico Mahora Make Up Setting Spray 100ml

It creates an invisible light film that protects make-up.

Federico Mahora Multicolour Highlighter 8g

A palette of three perfectly chosen colours that harmonise with every type of complexion.

Federico Mahora Silicone Base 15ml

Makes your skin perfectly smooth, and enlarged pores and wrinkles become less visible.

Federico Mahora Beauty Cream Primer 15ml

It contains pearl pigments that add glow to your complexion, conceal imperfections and wrinkles.

Elizabeth Ambek Unique Instant Age Erasing Smoothing Facial Primer

Our replenishing facial primer is your instant cure. It moisturises, hydrates, smooths and brightens skin.