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Highlight the beauty of your eyes. With the use of our products you will be able to create captivating makeup for your eyes - both for the day and for the evening. Thanks to the exquisite colours and exceptionally long-lasting formulas of the products your look will be an irresistable temptation. 





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Federico Mahora 3 Step Mascara Perfect Black 8ml

It spectacularly lengthens and precisely separates the lashes even after the first application.

Federico Mahora Bottled Eyeliner Deep Black 5ml

Hypoallergenic! Safe for sensitive eyes!

Federico Mahora Brow & Lash Creator 2x7ml

Irreplaceable duo of brow gel and mascara base that allows to create a charming look and create a perfect eye make up.

Federico Mahora Eyebrow Set 5.2g

Perfectly defines the eyebrows and guarantees a stylised yet natural look.

Federico Mahora Eyebrow Shadow Refills 0.8g

Choose one out of three shadows and attach it to the Eyebrow Creator.

Federico Mahora Eyelash Enhancing Serum 3ml

Developed to make your eyelashes richer and longer in a natural way.

Federico Mahora Eyeshadow Base 4g

It is scentless and designed for all eyeshadow types.

Federico Mahora Eyeshadow Refills 0.8g

Select your favourite eyeshadow colours and attach them to our professional Eye Zone Creator.

Federico Mahora Lash Expert Mascara Glam Black 11ml

Glam Black perfectly defines and separates the lashes, and spectacularly shapes and lifts.

Federico Mahora Legendary Full HD Lashes Mascara

Give your eyelashes the spectacular, multi-dimensional FULL HD effect inspired by the look of Hollywood stars straight from the red carpet.

Federico Mahora Liquid Eyeliner Carbon Black 1.1ml

Beautifully emphasises the eye contour and gives intensity to the look by making eyelashes look denser.

Federico Mahora Long Lasting Automatic Eye Pencils

Thanks to an innovative waterproof formula, it stays on your face without getting smudged for up to 12 hours.

Federico Mahora Long-Lasting Kajal Eye Pencil

It will visually enlarge and highlight the beauty of your eyes! It is waterproof and smudgeproof.

Federico Mahora Mineral Loose Eyeshadow 1g

Light, mineral dust in fancy colours.

Federico Mahora Mix & Match Eye Zone Creator

It consists of two different applicators that can be combined with an eyeshadow refill!

Federico Mahora Mix & Match Eye Zone Creator Plus 2 Refills

The Special Set contains: Eye Zone Creator and 2 Eyeshadow Refills of your choice.

Federico Mahora Mix & Match Eyebrow Creator

Choose a shadow that matches your skin type and attach it to the eyebrow creator.

Federico Mahora Mix & Match Eyeshadow Inserts

Over 40 different colour options to fit into the magnetic palette system from FM Make Up.

Federico Mahora Tattoo Brow Tint Dark Bronze 3ml

Convenient and precise eyebrow styling and it gives a natural, long-lasting effect.

Federico Mahora Volumising Waterproof Mascara 9ml

Its formula dries fast and is extremely long lasting!

Federico Mahora Waterproof Lash Top Coat 8ml

Protects eyelashes against humidity and water.