Winter in Venice – Body Butter

Dry or itchy skin? Treat your skin naturally and moisturize it with the Body Butter from Winter in Venice. This scented water lily, freesia and rose cream is going to do wonders and give you the perfect smooth skin you always wanted.

Winter in Venice products are paraben and SLS free and not tested on animals. We decided to sell their products as they are a company that love what they do, and we know you will too.Their price tags are affordable and made with love in Britain.

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Gaylia Kristensen – Eye Lift

Too much time in front of devices is evil for our eyes… And nowadays even more, given the time we spend regarding technology. And for other reasons as well, our eyes get tired and it’s making our eyes looking bad. Moreover, it is the first thing we see. We have found something to brighten your eyes looking up! Suitable for all types of skin and to apply day and night. The eye lift will do some good and give a beaming face! It is effective against expression lines, wrinkles, deep frown lines, furrows, crow’s feet, puffy eye bags, dark circles, loss of firmness, loss of elasticity and dryness.

Tip for tired eyes:

Prepare a chamomile tisane and let cool down. Then, grab two cotton pieces, soak them into the tisane and squeeze to wring them. You can now apply the cotton pieces on your eyes for ten minutes and it will sooth the eyes. In case you drink chamomile using teabags, you can of course apply the teabags on your eyes instead of the cottons.

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Federico Mahora – Colour Intense Classic Lipstick

Discover our Federico Mahora matt lipstick! With its blazing coral color, it will make your lips full and at the same time, will moisturize as it contains chia seed oil. But…

What is chia seed oil will you say?

Chia is actually a sort of plant that grew ages ago in Mexico. It was grown for its seeds and was used in medicine. Nowadays, it is used for different reasons: The ingredient itself is known as a great protein source and so, is beneficial for the health and another great point is that it contains omega-3 fatty acids which fully moisturize and keep the skin in good condition. It is anti-ageing, what a natural way to stay young!

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Lip Scrub – Federico Mahora

For healthy lips, use our Federico Mahora lip scrub, it will help your lips to be softer and as it contains vitamin E, sugar crystals and panthenol, your lips will be fully nourished: Vitamin E is an antioxydant, sugar crystals help to smooth and panthenol is a sort of vitamin which soothe and restore.

Not only that it is better to have healthy lips, it also have a slightly aroma of mango and is very easy to apply. You will then be ready to wear your favorite lipstick and have a radiant smile!

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Recent review from Made From Beauty website and blog.

I’m on a bit of skincare kick at the moment. I have been worried about my skin for such a long time, I had been panic-trying everything in my skincare stash. But, I finally think I have finally found the right products to really see a difference in my skin.

The first product I have to tell you about is the Gaylia Kristensen Velvet Facial Polish from Optimum Beauty Shop. I had been dealing with such congested, difficult skin that this sort of polish was just the thing I needed. The Velvet Facial Polish manages to really deep cleanse the skin, whilst still being nourishing and rich. I feel in love with the velvety texture of the creamy scrub the moment I first used it. Inside this beautiful polish you’ll find jojoba beads, perfect for removing dull skin, revealing a radiant, clear and clarified complexion.

But the true star of the show has to be the White Magic Anti-ageing Brightening Serum. I have been using the serum now for the last month and couldn’t be without it in my skincare routine. Reading up about the serum, I found that it uses a poly peptide Youth Complex to help visible signs of ageing. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I have been worried about the fine lines starting to form around my eyes and lips (I am 25 now!) and I am so happy to say this serum has actually helped reduce these! The other huge difference I have seen in my skin is the reduction of dark spots. I have a few areas that have some pigmentation, like my temples and chin, that have been bothering me for a while. As I like to go makeup free a lot of the time, I want my skin to be at it’s best and that is what this serum has really done; given me my skin, but at it’s best. I would say after a month my skin is slightly firmer, definitely brighter, and with reduced pigmentation.

Now, I am aware that the Gaylia Kristensen products from Optimum Beauty Shop are on the pricier side of skincare I normally feature on Made From Beauty. However, as I said in this post, I am happy to pay for products that actually work. One of the things that first drew me to the brand was that it is used in spas and salons all over the country. If you are a beauty lover then you’ll know that it is in the beauty trade world that all brilliant skincare is born. And that’s just what I think the Gaylia Kristensen products from Optimum Beauty Shop are; truly brilliant.

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unpaid post, all opinions are my own, contains gifted items


Coconut & Patchouli Shampoo – Avena Beauty

Who has never wanted bright and soft hair?

It is possible if you take care of them and use products that will not damage them. We have the solution for you, it comes from the Avena Beauty range, a scented coconut and patchouli shampoo adapted for all types of hair. It is sodium lauryl sulfate and paraben free which means it is not harmful at all.

Wondering why Paraben and SLS are bad for your hair?

Paraben is a chemical used a long time ago already. It can then damage your hair and it could be harmful for your health as well as it acts mainly as preservative.

Sodium Lauryl sulfate on the other side is a very strong component, it served to remove stains that were hard to rub out and now in a lot of shampoos, it could damage your scalp. Your skin might not be protected anymore and it is said that it could possibly slow down the organism functioning.

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No matter what season it is, your hands need to be nourished. In our new collection Gaylia Kristensen, we exclusively have a hand cream which protects your skin and not only that it protects it, it also helps to strengthen your nails and soften cuticles.

If you’re wondering how it is possible…

The cream is made from natural products.

Silk contains protein and amino acids which are known to moisturize and protect the skin. Moreover, hydrolyzed marine collagen makes your skin firmed and reduce wrinkles and your cuticles will get softer thank to a blend of Australian botanicals.

Reasons why applying hand cream is unneglectable…

It is important to often apply hand cream. First, it will help to protect from humidity whenever your wash your hands. Then, it also protects against the cold and finally it will give you the smoother daily hands without make it greasy!

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Forever Aloe Vera Gelly Tip

Tip of the Week
This week’s product tip is from Jennifer Ashwood: “I often struggle with spots and have replaced my regular moisturiser with Aloe Vera Gelly. The results have been fantastic! My skin is clearer than it’s ever been, and the aloe has helped with scarring too!”

You can purchase this product today for only £12.24 from our shop today. Follow the link below to purchase and see full product details.–118ml-100-stabilised-aloe-vera-gelly-soothes–calms-irritated-skin-352-p.asp


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