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Federico Mahora Atomiser Pump

Fits FM Screen Cleaner and INOX Cleaner

Federico Mahora Bathroom Cleaner 750ml

Actively removes scale and soap.

Federico Mahora Dispenser Pump

Matches the suitable FM World Cleaning Products. 

Federico Mahora Liquid Dispenser in Black & White

To dispense your favourite FM Liquid soaps

Federico Mahora Odour Beater Soap

Dermatologically tested

Federico Mahora Shower Cleaner 750ml

The cleaner contains nano-particles of silicon which creates a protective film that limits the re-deposition of dirt, sediment and water vapour. 

Federico Mahora Toilet Bowl Cleaner 750ml

The Cleaner effectively removes all kinds of dirt and limescale.

Federico Mahora Toilet Cleaning Wipes 84 wipes

With antibacterial properties the Wipes provide 100% hygiene.

Federico Mahora Trigger Cap Spray Dispenser

For use with your favourite FM Cleaning products.