I’m on a bit of skincare kick at the moment. I have been worried about my skin for such a long time, I had been panic-trying everything in my skincare stash. But, I finally think I have finally found the right products to really see a difference in my skin.

The first product I have to tell you about is the Gaylia Kristensen Velvet Facial Polish from Optimum Beauty Shop. I had been dealing with such congested, difficult skin that this sort of polish was just the thing I needed. The Velvet Facial Polish manages to really deep cleanse the skin, whilst still being nourishing and rich. I feel in love with the velvety texture of the creamy scrub the moment I first used it. Inside this beautiful polish you’ll find jojoba beads, perfect for removing dull skin, revealing a radiant, clear and clarified complexion.

But the true star of the show has to be the White Magic Anti-ageing Brightening Serum. I have been using the serum now for the last month and couldn’t be without it in my skincare routine. Reading up about the serum, I found that it uses a poly peptide Youth Complex to help visible signs of ageing. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I have been worried about the fine lines starting to form around my eyes and lips (I am 25 now!) and I am so happy to say this serum has actually helped reduce these! The other huge difference I have seen in my skin is the reduction of dark spots. I have a few areas that have some pigmentation, like my temples and chin, that have been bothering me for a while. As I like to go makeup free a lot of the time, I want my skin to be at it’s best and that is what this serum has really done; given me my skin, but at it’s best. I would say after a month my skin is slightly firmer, definitely brighter, and with reduced pigmentation.

Now, I am aware that the Gaylia Kristensen products from Optimum Beauty Shop are on the pricier side of skincare I normally feature on Made From Beauty. However, as I said in this post, I am happy to pay for products that actually work. One of the things that first drew me to the brand was that it is used in spas and salons all over the country. If you are a beauty lover then you’ll know that it is in the beauty trade world that all brilliant skincare is born. And that’s just what I think the Gaylia Kristensen products from Optimum Beauty Shop are; truly brilliant.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ll be trying any of the Gaylia Kristensen products from Optimum Beauty Shop?


unpaid post, all opinions are my own, contains gifted items


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